Saturday, November 2, 2013

[New Member] Direct Democracy Party of Romania (Romania)

"The Direct Democracy Party of Romania is a political project at the very beginning of its life. We are a small team of young people who strongly believe in the necessity of a change. A change of perception of the people about their power, and especially about how close they are to actually use it. Now, more than ever, the Internet and the electronic means of communication offer the perfect tool for the people to tell their will, to make their laws as they seem fit, to reach the so sought after social consensus. This is the only way human society can progress, when every member of it reaches an agreement with the others. A real agreement, where all the parties involved act willingly, knowingly and responsibly.
Politics is the science of reaching such a social contract and it tried since the beginning of organized society to reach the best solution for governing the human settlements. It started at the family level, progressed then to the village level, tribe, city, country and reached now even the continent level. Those achievements were possible through the growth of the population and especially because of the progress of the communication means. There were three major steps in the process, namely the writing, the press (newspapers) and the modern media (radio and TV).

Today it is the time to take the next step, the Internet. By far, it is the fastest, the most direct and representative mean of communication of them all and because of this it empowers the voice of the people. Not through representatives, not through intermediaries but directly at the individual level. Every citizen can and has to have an opinion about the rules (laws) that affect his everyday life. Every one of us has to vote on how to spend our money, how to teach our children, how to treat the sick, how to provide for our elders.

This is the mission of our endeavor, to present this power to the Romanian people, to teach them how to use it and to build the political future of our country on the basis of direct democracy."

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