Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[IntDPD Debate] "A political party of the area of "direct and participatory" democracy is a left/progressive or a right/conservative party?" (Answer 4/10) Alex Napoli (Direct Democracy Brazil) (Brazil)

"Direct Democracy is a more efficient and just tool than representative democracy to be used for progression or conservation of a society.
Those who support direct democracy tend to be more democratic than those that support representative democracy.
But the true test of a progressive is what they do when they have power and money, there are many circumstantial progressives that are in fact conservatives.
There is a saying that people are democratic and socialist with other people's power and money, but autocratic and capitalist when the power and money is theirs.
Direct Democracy is a constitutional right, not a privilege to be conceded by representatives who are subordinated to the citizens.
The best system is direct democracy with zero taxation/legislation with a coordination state of last resort to only step in with counter-cyclical  entrepreneurial action if market fails. Self-financed organizations (selling products and services) and a direct judicial system (proving damage and danger) can solve any social-economic problem or challenge.
All taxation and public property must be incorporated and deposited in citizens Individual Social Security Accounts guaranteeing basic income for all. The age of city states has passed, the age of national states is passing, the age of global states is beginning."

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