Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Comentary to an interview to Joam Evans Prim (Partido da Terra - Galiza)

Joam Evans Prim
Joam Evans Prim
"Left or right?The two form part of the design of parliamentary politics. In view of the general meeting direct democracy are the people we deliberate and decide on each particular issue. The vital experience or ideas baggage each person can make certain postures we choose and not by others, but the rigidity and orthodoxy partitocracy own lack of sense in the context of the assembly, because it is not prescriptive in relation to the vast majority problems which may arise, for example, a county or parochial open neighborhood, where the long term, is most suitable logic seeking maximum consensus. "- We have no doubt also that the classical Left-Right dichotomy is exhausted. And exhausted by the sheer inability of when in power, to assert themselves the real difference between both trends and the crystallization in "extreme ungovernable" more radical wing of that party Manichaeism. Like Joam, we do not believe that the renewal of democracy can be achieved by the rise to power of a new party (Left or Right), but by developing mechanisms of direct and participatory democracy, able to return to the world citizens and civic and political effectiveness of governance. The crisis of democracy in Europe is indeed a crisis of representative democracy and partidocracia who hijacked the system. And its resolution can only pass through the promotion of civic life, the greater participation of citizens in political life and the rapprochement between the elected and the electorate.
(...)But a party is the right tool?With only abstention, even if it is active, we can not (yet) to delegitimize political professional. Delegitimize "politics" and "political" professionals is an essential strategy for the recovery of our state sovereignty and people policies. The PT assumes that strategy of delegitimization as a constant, a "guerrilla politics" (non-violent, of course) so if you want to see. The creation of autonomous zones with aspiration residence where the cracks of the system permit, such as parish or neighborhood assemblies with maximum possible sovereignty, is not utopian. There will is something that can be done in any city, and desprofissionalizando "destating" in fact these structures. I think that the desire of the people who are in the PT is that it can be dissolved as soon as possible because there is no place for parties in direct democracy and we all certainly other passions in life. "- A form of "political party" is in fact one that - in light of the current legal framework - allows better leverage the social and political intervention of a group of citizens. The forms of "association" and "informal movement" have their virtues, but given their legal limitations make it difficult for its ability to intervene and make a real difference. The term, however, and a foundational moment of elaboration of thoughts and principles, national deployment and experimentation of participatory democracy mechanisms and internal organizational construction, these intermediate forms may be the most appropriate. And that was - for now - the option of + D. The Galician Party Earth is already another level and their experimentation with popular assemblies or parish are closely followed in Portugal.


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