Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Spain] Spain is being confronted with a succession of corruption of the highest degree

Spain is being confronted with a succession of corruption of the highest degree. These cases - as well as the scale of funds trafficked by PP leaders - are particularly shocking in the context of deep economic crisis and unemployment in Spain. Against this background of political immorality and chronic impunity, in a context where the Desperation begins to be stronger than the fear and confronting Greece collapsed, where the popular are looting supermarkets, chronic unemployment are signs of a state that has stopped working Spain is on the verge of a social explosion unprecedented in the last ninety years.

As in Spain, as in Greece, as well, in Portugal, the victims of this widespread corruption and impunity are citizens. Victims opaque business of grave harm to the state and leading to an increasingly oppressive taxation that feeds some powerful "businessmen" who live in dependence of the States.

But more guilty than these politicians are citizens who resign an active role in their society, they elect or elect partidocratas leave on a rotational basis and leaderless. Given this situation, it is necessary to activate Citizenship, stop being citizens of Protestant couch or facebook and we return to the spaces of citizen action that the representative system dominant left us (voting, demonstrations, citizen applications, petitions, associational life, militancy in anti-party system, etc.). Let us go forth from within us, this "we" restrained and frightened and redeem this public space that Major Interests - so much for our passivity - in stolen today exerts its empire.

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