Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Internet Democracy] Two good examples from Brazil: Votenaweb and

Regeneration Politics via the development and implementation of tools and methods of Direct Democracy or Participatory must be done through the Internet and new technologies.

In the field of Democracy Online tool most used in Portugal and the rest of the globe, is today - without margin for doubt - that of "Petitions Online" form of common citizens to come to power and left a mark on decision making of legislative processes. These petitions have fulfilled an important role in the rapprochement between elected and electors and the introduction of a logical system in a more participatory representative exhausted and deeply discredited.

The online petitions are one way of strengthening democracy by participatory component, a path that should be expanded, but not the only one: other ways to increase the involvement of citizens in political decisions and to monitor more closely the elect exist or can be developed: in this regard should notice two interesting sites in Brazil: the and

In votenaweb, the legislative proposals under consideration and voting in parliamentary chambers may be voted by Brazilian citizens, after the site had written a simplified description of the same and with a space for comments. in, you can see the absenteeism of MPs, the amount that had laws, the number of seats and even ... the amount of lawsuits that are pending ...

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