Monday, February 25, 2013

[USA] Jon Jones, a Direct Democracy Candidate in Atlanta

Since mid-February which is officially open for registration of candidates for the districts of the "City Council" of Atlanta. As in other years, no lack of candidates "system", but this time there umaa novelty: Jon Jones, a young african american 26 year promises to enter the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia a new style of government: Direct Democracy.
Jon Jones is an unknown figure in politics, with a career in finance and no apparent social relevance before he started this municipal project, which earned him a great attention from local media because of the originality of their proposals and cybernetic form as guides and leads his campaign. This public record is very discreet indeed emphasized in his campaign Web site, where Jon Jones takes his status as "anonymous citizen" stressing that the discrediting of the current political system follows much of this obsession in looking for a "savior indeed" capable of - miraculously - cure all ills. And it is precisely because it is an "anonymous" that your application today is growing, especially among young people, tired and disillusioned with the "custom options".
The originality of the proposed Jon Jones comes to what Atlanta offers its voters, proposes to build a network of websites, SMS servers, telephone lines and mobile applications to allow residents in his district will actively participate in the legislative process and decision-making your city. If elected, Jones put on a website to have to make that decision and order vote "yes" or "no" to residents. Then, as most of these votes, as well voted also in the "City Council". Who does not have easy Internet access may exercise their vote by sending emails, sms or voice calls to automated systems. Obviously, for citizens to vote, they must draft a simplified version of the laws presented to them. And we must create ways to combat the apathy that seems to define most citizens, with studies indicating that forms of direct democracy encourage citizens to be more active, informed and engaged.

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