Sunday, February 3, 2013

[ECIs] The European Citizens 'Initiatives', or ECI

The European Citizens 'Initiatives', or ECI are very poorly known. And with good reason: created by European legislators with draconian requirements, intentionally designed to hinder its practical application, the ECIS were never materialized. Until today.

Indeed, winning the high bar that was imposed by Brussels Representative eurocracy eight hundred thousand (!) europeans are about to materialize the first ECI European Union arguing that "Water is a Human Right."


Now missing "only" 200 thousand signatures to the high level required by Brussels.

The petition has grown very significantly in 2013 and aims to make access to quality water and sanitation services are regarded as a human right and which are placed outside the rules of the European Internal Market.

The ECI is now particularly urgent now that the European Commission is proposing legislation that aims to allow member states to privatize public services such as the distribution of water in what in the jargon is called internal eurocracy as "Policy Concessions."

The problem is that under the draconian rules of the European ECI after such an initiative to be formally presented to European Union citizens have only one year to collect a million signatures. And that this term ends April 1 this year!

Sign this ECI!


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