Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[IntDPD] Objectives of IntDPD: International Platform of Movements of Direct and Participatory Democracy

The idea:
The idea for launching this project came from the current boiling citizenship activities in the developed world and especially in European countries (such as Portugal) that are being victims of an intervention by the troika IMF / ECB / EC: this led into the appearance or boiling the development of certain entities (associations, movements and parties) whose central points in its principles and objectives are the development of democracy, through mechanisms, tools and proposals for Direct or Participatory Democracy. These new entities could build bridges of communication and sharing to enable them to share their ideas, communicate among themselves, disclose their existence and build synergies and positions that would enable them to consolidate alternative Participatory and Direct Democracy on the jaded and increasingly discredited current Model of Representative Democracy.

In the short term:

One: Construction of a platform for informal movements, associations and political parties to place Direct or Participatory Democracy at the core of his thought and action.
2nd: Creating a facebook page (in English), a mailing list and a website to collect information on members.
3rd: Disclosure and share events, news and positions of the participating entities in those media.

In the long term:
One: Meeting in person or via Skype/Google Hangout
2nd: Establishment of a "participatory international chart" that is consensual to all members and gather ideas and proposals for the renewal of democracy proposed and approved by all. Voted by members, supporters and participants of participating entities.
3rd: Formation of a "Sixth International" (a name to be tuned..) of Direct Participatory ideology.

PS: All the project must be "costs free".

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