Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Opinion] The Citizen Role in the development of Participative Democracy

We believe that this policy paralyzed by the Great Interests, subservient to Speculators and High Finance is a Gordian Knot that can be untied rescuing citizens for the public space of intervention that was stolen or that they let loose with in the last two decades.

This rescue will lead to increased civic and political participation of citizens and not just create conditions so that it can express. It should also encourage the development of a widespread desire for a significant number of citizens to Participate.

To enable a truly participatory citizenship, it must make Citizens did not reject the aspect of political and civic life in society. We must also promote and develop a public education but demanding sustainable, quality and universal and free media, immune to the pressures of big economic groups.

Renew Democracy for that become more participatory and direct, but to bring to fruition this goal is also to create the conditions for which people are willing to give this "quantum leap" in their levels of political participation and civic and they also want to occupy this space ... and this is indeed the great battle that still needs to fulfill.

Rui Martins (

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